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Your Questions

Program in 10 points to regain your driver's license

What do I have to consider concerning the application?

When do I need an MPU?

Which MPU institute can be recommended?

Can I choose the expert?

How does an MPU proceed?

How do I get a positive expertise?

What can I do myself to be optimally prepared for the MPU?

Do I automatically fail in the first MPU?

How do I act correctly if I have already received a negative expertise?

How many sessions do I need and how much will the counseling cost?

Psychological Counseling

The Successful Way to Your Driver’s License


Since 1988 Sicher am Steuer has established itself as a leading office in Munich, helping clients with traffic offences. Hundreds of drivers could receive their license after counseling. I am offering a professional preparation for the MPU in English, German, Italian and French.

Individual Counseling

My individual counseling is balanced to your needs. You can count on personal help, confidentiality, up to date information and competence.


Working closely together with your driver's license office, MPU institutes and lawyers, I will guarantee the highest level of quality, which secures your effort an excellent chance of succeeding.

My Tip

Just call me! In a non-binding phone call you will receive initial important information! If you wish so, we can make an appointment for an informative consultation, in which your situation will be carefully discussed.

I’ll have time for you! I will support you!