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Which Testing Institute (MPU) is Recommendable?

Your Request

You'd love to know which MPU institute I can recommend and you certainly have an idea about what this institute has to offer you. I myself have such a picture as well, and I do not want to hide it from you, because I want my clients to be optimally taken care of in the MPU, and even if you are not my client, I wish you a most pleasant and successful course of examination. Let us talk about what distinguishes a professional MPU institute and let us then decide which providers remain.

Criteria of a Professional Testing Institute (MPU)

1. Experience and Competence

If you assess an institute, you should consider its experience and competence. How long is the institute in the market, how is its reputation, how does it present itself - for example via advertisements, internet or other publicity - and which content is central. Don't miss to ask your friends or colleagues what kind of experiences they have had, but bear in mind: such experiences can be subjectively tainted, they can depend on the coincidence of a single expertise, and often such particulars are not based on personal experience but on hearsay. You should only rely on the concrete experience of someone you know, who has personally been in an MPU. Of course, you can consult experts, e.g. lawyers, employees of driver's license offices or driving schools, or traffic psychologists and finally you can go and see the MPU institute in question. You might visit one of the information evenings offered by each institute or you might ask for a counseling hour, if this is still possible in the context of the separation of counseling and appraisal which is meanwhile obligatory. You will thus get a first impression of which institute you might prefer.

2. Service

The indispensible services of a professional institute contain a good accessibility and substantial information by phone. Are the secretaries competent? Are they ready to pass you on? Is it possible to personally talk to a doctor or a psychologist? Are you called back in case of doubt and are you offered a flexible appointment schedule leading to a pleasantly timed informative consultation or MPU examination? The possibility to be able to obtain abstinence proof via the so-called EtG-program in case of alcohol, or urine screenings resp. a hair analysis in case of drugs, are relevant, and you may feel free to compare the conditions of such programs. My webpages Proof of Abstinence for Alcohol und Proof of Abstinence for Drugs will provide you with further interesting hints.

3. Customer Convenience

Dear visitor of my website,

as you can see, the web project is still under development. It will be finished this year in summer and will permanently be updated, for you to always receive the newest information. Please do understand, that the actual page is presently not yet available. Should you want to know more about how in a clever way to find the testing institute which suits you best, you are asked to consult the German pages. There you will find criteria which can help yo to succeed. Please bear in mind that a solid preparation is always relevant. You are also invited to read the page about choosing the expert. Of course, you can, if you prefer to get first hand information in your language, contact me by e-mail or phone under (089) 291 651 63.


Dr. M. Junker