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Informative Consultation

First Meeting and Information

On this website, you will regularly become aware of my informative consultation. You might therefore ask what is discussed in it and why I recommend so often to book at least this one session.

The informative consultation is simply spoken the first possibility to personally get to know each other, but it is much more. It is the starting point of a project which will stretch over many hours wanting to be effective beyond that time and coming to a conclusion not before the re-granting of your driver's license. It is the prerequisite of our collaboration, it finds out if we match as a team, or if I am the right trainer for you: the one who can motivate you to do the necessary steps to be successful on the day of the examination. For that it has to inform, to motivate and to show the way lying ahead of you to regain the driver's license or, if you still hold it, to permanently keep it.

You will therefore note that I will also proceed with you in a proven manner and that I will be inclined to get out of it as effectively as possible the benefit I expect for you and me.

First Call

You probably have completed a contact form or you have phoned me at my office and thus enabled a first telephone contact. Since the fewest cases are trivial – if one talks about an MPU order - and don't even expect your case to be an exception –; and since the matter is very important to you and I also have to carefully check the possibility of a counseling, you will notice that I will mostly ask you to be allowed to recall you in the evening, after the therapy sessions. This makes sense, since then I will have time for you and your request: the actual hour is undisturbed, and can be used for the client.

In the evening, in our conversation, it is possible to grasp the essential parameters of your case. Why you have to present an expertise, who has given you my name, which time to rehabilitate and which financial possibilities are at your disposal. Sometimes, offers of colleagues are more practical, and I gladly give relevant addresses. Mostly however –since this is my profession – I am qualified to train you. The counseling takes place and makes sense, if I consider it reasonable, and if both of us want it.

Once we got to know each other on the phone, we usually arrange a single appointment for the informative consultation. Take yourself time for 90 minutes, and bring 95 Euros. In this first encounter, we also need all the documents which are relevant in your case and which you still possess. You should have them with you.

The Informative Consultation

How can we use the time in an optimal way? After having taken down your particulars, I will briefly study the documents you brought with you, i.e. I will grasp the essentials of your case. A lot of those points which will later be of importance cannot be dealt with in the first session, but this does not matter. In our first encounter you will want to be informed and you will want to obtain as much as possible of that useful information. Be prepared to get exactly that information.

For in the further course of the informative consultation, I will normally introduce to you the system of the examination, which will give you a good picture of what you have to expect there. Of course, the question how to obtain a positive expertise, will also come up and thus we have already reached an important point. Only when you know what will be expected from you in the MPU, we can focus on the right strategy and see clearer what the traffic-psychological counseling can offer you.

Counseling Group Alcohol

The contents of the informative consultation depend of course on the reason of your coming, i.e. the cause of your MPU order. Relating to the subject area of alcohol, I will introduce to you the thinking of the expert. I will show you the difference between controlled drinking, therapeutic and lifetime abstinence, I will explicate how important abstinence, willpower and 'Saying No' are to the expert, and I will present to you the criteria of a positive expertise. Thereafter we will check which abstinence evidence is necessary in your case, where and how you should obtain these, and when an MPU make sense. Finally, I will of course give you an overview of the questions which the expert is going to ask you. This survey will easily show which teaching extent makes sense in your case.

Counseling Group Drugs

In the drug cases the informative consultation develops alike. Since the discussion of threshold values (pure THC and carboxylic acid) is complex and the legal situation volatile, administrative aspects will be more prominent. For in most cases, you still possess your driver's license and you will ask how long you may keep it and which possibilities there are of delaying it's confiscation. When talking about the world of the expert, we will reach at least to the beginnings of the central questions of drug consumption per se. What have the drugs meant to you? What do you expect from the future? How important are to you mental and physical health? What are your feelings on the personality change of drugs, and how important is it to you to be free?

If you realize that you have to abstain from taking drugs, to be able to drive (again); – if you understand that you have to have to medically back up your abandonment, and if you are ready to make up your mind against drugs, the project of rehabilitation can be formulated. Dependent on the gravity and kind of drug consumption, steps will arise which implicate – as you already know – with the exception of the minor hashish case one year of drug abstinence. In the drug case, too, my informative counseling will finally give you an overview of the expert's questions and the contents of my counseling.

Counseling group points or criminal offences

The case of violations against traffic or criminal law gives the informative consultation at least in one respect more time, since generally medical evidence is here not significant. It is more important to understand why an MPU is necessary and what role you play in it, since you obviously can drive and have otherwise not committed any wrongdoing. Once I have noted all the officially recorded traffic violations on the flipchart, resp. once I have familiarized myself with the legal issue, either by reading the court sentence or by grasping what you have to tell me about what happened then, I can not only recognize what has raised the official doubts of aptitude, but also inform you about the questions the expert will have ready for you. You will receive here as well an overview of these questions and also be informed about the contents of the counseling. And of course you will also get to know the hurdles of success, i.e. the criteria of a positive examination.

Scope of Counseling

Once this clarification has been achieved, you will learn irrespective of your background situation or your counseling group how I envision the further counseling, how many sessions are required, and how much you have to invest. Sometimes, when the case on record is unclear or when I realize that I need more time to get hold of its contents, such a prognosis is not safely possible, but in most cases, the scope and costs of a counseling can be estimated.

Decision Finding

And now, after having talked a lot in the informative consultation and provided you with a lot of information, it is your turn. You can calmly let what you have heard have an effect on you, you can take home the flipchart containing this information. You can talk things over with your partner or a good friend, and you can consider if and when you would like to go ahead with the counseling, provided that we both agree to do so: this has already been mentioned. For both of us have of course the possibility not to agree upon a further counseling.

Should you diligently have studied my website and thus already have obtained a picture of my working style, and should you also settle for such a counseling after our personal encounter, then the last step of the informative consultation is ahead of us. According to your and my schedule, we can arrange the necessary sessions. We can agree upon working together to let you regain your driver's license and permanently keep it.

For this is why you came to me, and this is my task: to inform you as fair as possible and to bring to bear all of my knowledge for you and your driver's license. Should you want such an informative consultation, the simply call me or complete the contact form for me to early know more about your case. Then the project of regaining your driver's license is well on its way.