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Video Therapy

I am immediately offering video therapy as an alternative to the appointments in my office which are not possible at the moment. Just call me or write an email. I can then send you the link which allows you to access the online video session by mobile phone or PC.

You do not need any special software, just an access to the internet with your browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome). To protect your and my data security, I guarantee to refrain from a recording of the session. I am asking you to do the same by signing a declaration which I will mail to you before the session.

I cannot influence the data protection of the video provider ( Please, only use the video offer if you consent to the privacy policy of that company.

Instruction of how to use the Video Therapy

1. Call me and tell me that you would like to have an online video therapy session.

2. I will mail to you a declaration which you have to sign. You can sign the printed document and mail to me a scanned picture of it, or you can upload the document onto the web page CreateMySignature. You can digitally sign it there, save it and mail it to me. Select the option “Sign PDF Document”. Under Windows 10, please start the browser (Firefox/Chome) with administrative rights = a right mouse click.

3. I will then mail you a link onto which you need to click in your mobile phone or PC.

4. Just follow the instruction of the program. If you work on a PC, you need to download a file and click onto it. Allow the firewall to connect to the servers of Zoom. If you use a mobile phone, just answer all questions of the program with yes, and click onto „Join with Video”.

5. The browser will open and show you a window in which you can see me and the flipchart.

6. After a short sound check we will begin our video therapy session.

7. During the session, I will write down it’s the essence onto the flipchart.

8. After the session, I will mail to you my bank account details (IBAN).

9. You will subsequently receive an image of the flipchart pages of our session.

10. At the end of the video therapy you will receive a certificate of our sessions, like in an in-office counseling which you can hand in at the MPU.

Example of a Data Protection Declaration for the Video Therapy


I hereby declare that by clicking onto the link mailed to me by Dr. Matthias Junker, I consent to join a video conference consisting of two participants (Dr. Matthias Junker and me).

The session will take place on ….. [date] at …….. [time] and will last approx. 75 minutes at a price of 95 Euros. After the session I will receive an email with the bank account details (IBAN).

To protect the privacy, I am declaring that I will not record this session by any means (as audio or video stream). By sending this mail, Dr. Matthias Junker confirms that he as well will not record the video session.

I know that Dr. Matthias Junker has no influence on the protection or possible gathering of data by the video provider ( With my signature I agree to the privacy policy of this company.

..................., .................      .....................................

           (Place and Date)              (Signature of Client)

Munich, ...........................      .....................................

                                              (Signature Dr. M. Junker)

Information about the Video Provider (

Zoom is one of the leading providers of video conferences and video therapy. The portal claims to deliver end-to-end encryption of the transmitted video data. It is HIPAA-compliant, i.e. satisfies the corresponding high security standards of private client data. It is certified by the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.

It has received mostly positive reviews in the trade press, offers excellent performance (quality and stability of video transmission) and is free when used by two participants, as it is exclusively the case in therapy.